Thursday, January 07, 2010

christmas day

Our Christmas Day started like many other days.
We woke up...ate breakfast..and then headed to church.

When we got home from church we ate a quick lunch
and then ripped into our pile of gifts.
I was more interested in being "mom"
than "photographer" on Christmas
so I did not get very many photos...
and the ones I got are not all that great.

But I truly enjoyed watching the kids running around
asking if there were any for them (Naomi),
handing out presents (Micah)
and just opening anything they could get their hands on (Micah).
And seeing the delight on their faces and
hearing "wow" (Micah) with every gift was worth
it to not have the camera in my face.

I do regret however, not getting a photo of the kids in front of the tree on Christmas
and not getting one of them with grandma and grandpa on Christmas.

Here are basically all the photos I took on Christmas Day
(don't worry I left the really bad ones out).

We said a prayer before tearing into the gifts...

They were so excited about getting new clothes...
I hope this excitment lasts into their teen years!

A St. Louis Cardinal rally monkey!

I made some doll diapers for Naomi's babies.

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katherinemarie said...

What a out of this world BEAUTIFUL Christmas!! Doll diapers---- too darling! May your New Year be filled with just as much JOY and WONDER as your Christmas!

xoxoxox--- K