Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Every year I try and make a calendar of some sort for my family for Christmas.
I've done the CD case calendars and others.
This year I wanted to try and just do something simple.
So I created this 4x6 print for each month
using a calendar template that I purchased.
I just added one of my favorite photos from that specific month the year before,
had them printed,
rounded the corners,
punched a hole in the top
and put a ring clip in some
and just a ribbon in most.

Tracey, this is yours...
you'll get it when you're here next week.
Here's the finished product and one other shot to show you.

A simple and fun way to remember where we were last year and how much everyone has grown!

I got this idea from Pink Ink Studios, but made them myself without their template.


Rachel Hill said...

Were these from Pink Ink? If so, I almost bought it too!

Jamie said...

no but I totally stole the idea from there...guess I should put that in my post hey?!

Lanie said...

Hi Jamie! Just droppin' in to pick up your button for my blog. Glad to be part of the Trendy Treehouse Team with you! I'm not far away... in Houston. Nice to "meet" you!

katherinemarie said...

ohhhh these are SWEET! I imagine that your family ADORES such priceless gift.

Lora said...

How darling! I love the idea.

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!