Sunday, January 10, 2010

two baby boys

Two of our friends welcomed little boys into the world today.
Steve and Angela, friends from church,
welcomed little Grant into the world
at 1:48am after 36 hours of labor and a c-section.
Angela is one amazing momma for enduring all that.

Greg and I got the honor of visiting this little fella this afternoon.
He weighed in a 7lbs 2oz and is 20 1/4 inches long.
Such a sweet little baby...and he's got the biggest baby feet I've ever seen.
Well, his dad is very tall so it just makes sense.
I'll be doing his newborn photos sometime this week so look for those!
The next little boy that was born was born to one of Greg's college roommates, Josh.
Josh and Julie welcomed Samuel into the world at 1:14pm and he weighed 7lbs 5oz.
So excited for these guys to enjoy the awesomeness that being a parent brings! Congratulations to all four of you! We're so excited for your journey as parents to begin.

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