Friday, January 29, 2010

auntie tracey

My sister came for the week!
We're so glad to have her here.
She hasn't been here since we first moved in so
it's awesome to have her around
and to show her how things have changed!

We've spent time playing outside,
playing inside,
doing craft projects,
playing with awesome paper dolls,
coloring, eating good food,
taking naps, and just plain ol hanging out~

it's been an awesome week.
But she has to go home today :(

Here are some photos from our fun at the zoo.
I hope to share photos of the animals that I got.
They were very active and having a great time...
the animals that is,
well, I suppose the kids were too.

Tracey and Micah on the Lion statueNaomi, Tracey and Micah one of the traditional shots at the zoo.
Tracey, Micah and Naomi on the Komodo Dragon,
the other traditional zoo shot.Love this shot I got of Naomi hanging out and watching the hippos!
More photos and stories to come.
Gotta go enjoy the last few minutes that I have with my big sis!

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