Friday, January 08, 2010

another day in fredericksburg

On Saturday after Christmas we took Greg's parents to Fredericksburg.
Seems to be the new place to take people if they've done the usual stuff already
(alamo, riverwalk, missions).

Wa walked around the main street for a while,
peaking our heads into a few stores.
Bought more wine from our favorite place,
and sampled more fudge...
actually bought some this time too!

Then we made our way to our favorite Fredericksburg resturant,
The Auslander! Yum!

Micah was getting pretty cranky...
he'd been in a stroller or highchair for about 3 - 4 hours...
so we drove around and tried to find a park,
even with the garmin this proved to be interesting.
But at last we found a park and let the kids get out and play.
Naomi made some friends with some older boys and they
were playing a very unfair game of tag.
Naomi kept having to be it (since she's the slowest),
but she didn't mind at all.
Just laughed and screamed the whole time.
I love it! We went down the hill to see the geese.
Micah was wanting to get a little too close,
but we kept our distance and just marveled at them.I love this shot so much!
He's been such a momma's boy lately,
but here he is holding grandma's hand with a huge SMILE!
I love it!Swinging time for Micah too!I love this photo...not exactly sure why,
just do.And here's that photo that I didn't get on Christmas.
Naomi and Micah with grandma and grandpa!

Thanks for coming to see us grandma and grandpa we had a blast!

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katherinemarie said...

What a delightful time with FAMILY!!! We took a little trip to Fredericksburg three years ago, just before Christmas... isn't it a lovely little place???!