Sunday, December 06, 2009

st. nick

There's no Santa in this house.
Naomi knows he's just pretend (sorta like mickey mouse).
But tonight we told her the encouraging story of St. Nicholas.
You can read more about him on Greg's blog.
We gave the kids some small gifts.
They both got some little notepads.
Naomi LOVES to write on notepads...
a little bit on each page.
We also gave her some paper princesses,
and Micah got a sqwishy baseball...
the kids were beyond thrilled with their gifts!
I gave Greg a really fun gift but I can't share it yet
because it's not really finished.
Greg gave me the Casting Crowns "Peace on Earth" CD!
Love it!
Do you celebrate St. Nick's day in your house?
If your kids believe that Santa is really dropping off presents
at their house on Christmas Eve don't let them hang out with Naomi.
Greg explains who St. Nicholas was to Naomi.
A little snuggle time before bed.


Elisa said...

The Santa story was similar at my home growing up. We watched a great video at church Sunday about the real St. Nick at Way to go!

Amy said...

My kids believe in Santa. Does that mean we can't be friends anymore? :(