the soggy saga

Friday, December 18, 2009
Well, we're back from vacation. We enjoyed a nice relaxing time away with just our little family of four. We spent 4 nights and 5 days in Canyon Lake at a timeshare (thanks Mom and Dad) that was only about 45 minutes from our home. But the resort was in the Hill Country so we felt like we were much further away from home.

It was nice to get away just the four of us, not sure if we've ever done that before. We are usually going to see people...and half way through the second day we said, "this is why we go to grandma's!...someone to help with the kids"! But seriously we had a good time, acted goofy, played games, ate out, stayed in, slept late (ha), and just enjoyed getting away from it all.

We headed home on Wednesday and the relaxed mood that I was in melted away faster than ice on a Texas summer day. Allow me to explain.

When I last told you about the roofers it was to say that we didn't know where they were when we returned from the zoo on Friday. It was raining and no one had called us to tell us they stopped working. Saturday morning we woke to a saturated ceiling...and it was getting worse by the minute. We called "T" (the construction guy) and told him what was going on. He came over to have a look. He said that his guy "D" should have called us and told us they were quiting. He also told us that he would take care of the interior damage on his dollar.

T's crew came over Saturday and got to work. Greg took Naomi to Christmas Program practice and Micah and I got the bags packed.
When Greg and Naomi got back we got the kids down for naps and then proceeded to pack everything but the kitchen sink into the van. The ceiling started dripping so we made the large trash can a bucket. It was not stopping so Greg decided to scrape the popcorn ceiling away to see if that would help. We could tell that the sheet rock underneath was cracking, so he poked a little hole into it to see what would happen. There was a constant stream of water for about 5 minutes. This was not good. But we felt better about leaving knowing that the water now had somewhere to go. (Look closely in the photo and you can see the stream of water.)Then when we came home on Wednesday and my relaxed mood faded away this is why:I saw the ceiling lying on the ground and a big hole up where it should have been.The weight of the water on the sheetrock was just too much and it gave way sometime while we were gone. I'm glad that we knew there was an issue because we did have towels out and had covered my grandfather's desk. Oh and that crack in the wall is the one that tipped us off to having foundation issues. Ugh!So, we called T and told him what was going on. Then on Wednesday night while we were at church it started to rain, so we came home to a wet kitchen. So we got the buckets out once again. Lots of buckets and towels. About 5am Micah woke up crying, Greg went to get him after listening to that cry for a while and noticed that it was leaking from another point. This time it was coming from the register in the ceiling again. So, he got another towel and another bucket and grabbed Micah and went back to sleep. T and D came over Thursday and said they found the hole in the roof and patched it with some wet/dry sealer. It's a semi-permanant fix. The problem is where the flat garage roof and the peaked house roof meet.So, we have a hole in our ceiling and will for a while. We have to wait till everything dries out and then T will come over and replace the sheetrock and re-popcorn the ceiling. Who knows how far the damage goes, Greg and I think it's worse than they do. Which could be a good thing because we aren't in the construction business so at least it's not the other way around! ha!

So, there's my soggy saga. Hopefully it won't continue! Hopefully my next update will be on the awesome work that T did to fix the problem.

I do have to apologize though because in my last posts I know I made it sound as though T was horrible and untrustworthy. I came to find out that it was not T (the owner of the company) that I did not trust but it was D (the man T put on our project) that I did not trust. So those things I said earlier were more about D than T. Does that make any sense? Oh well, I'm sorry T, I trust you, just not D.
Holly said...

What a mess! Will pray that they are able to get everything looking nice again quickly.

jimandafleming said...

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time getting a roof on your house! I hope things dry up soon and you can get it fixed!

Elisa said...

Oh, dear. Such an ordeal, glad you find T to be trustworthy help!

Casey said...

Major bummer! I'll be praying that this does not overshadow your Christmas joy! Much love!

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