Wednesday, December 30, 2009

senior portrait photography

First I have to say thank you to my in-laws.
They made my three photo shoots in two days possible.
I wouldn't have been able to do it without their willingness to hang out with the small ones.
So, thanks a bunch!!!
Aaron and I finally decided on a time to get his session done.
I photographed Aaron's older sister, Elizabeth last year and
was so excited that he asked me to take his senior portraits too.
And in three years maybe I'll get to do Sarahs!!

Aaron was a good sport and was willing to do whatever I asked of him.
He even started climbing up a fire escape...
but I promised his mom he wouldn't get hurt during the session.
We just drove around downtown SA and found interesting spots
for fun backgrounds and then made our way to the grafiti wall....
what a fun session.

Thanks Aaron, I had a great time and we got lots of great shots.
Hope you like how they turned out too!

you can see a bunch more here.
And feel free to leave some comments... (here and there)
and let me know what you think...
don't make me beg!!

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