Tuesday, December 22, 2009

of hairdos and visitors

We've been talking about how Greg and Micah need haircuts...
for a couple of weeks.
But time gets in the way,
and sometimes we procratinate.
So yesterday was the day that we finally just did it.
I was willing to cut Micah's hair with a scissors
but we decided to just try the clippers.
Greg put the largest guard on the clippers that he had and went to work.
He told me that Micah sat very still
and moved his head in the appropriate direction for the cutting of the hair.

I LOVE it!
He looks so cute!
I do kinda miss his curly locks,
but that was WAY too shaggy.
I may be out of a hair cutting job now.
But that's okay, he looks so cute...
and for some reason hair seems to grow pretty fast in our family!
He'll need another cut before too long.


AFTER (pre-bath):

AFTER (post-bath):Micah has these two brunette spots in the back of his head (not to mention that his cowlick is on the side of his head)...what a funny head of hair he has.

Greg also cut his hair right after he did Micah's. Jordan came over for a bit tonight and has a shaved head too...here's the three cueballs! Thanks for coming over to hang out Uncle Jordan...we had a great time as always! Come back again soon!

Grandma and Grandpa made it here safe and sound all the way from Indy. Naomi put grandma to work right away, reading books, playing candyland, giving her a bath, putting her to bed. Grandma's got a busy week ahead of her :). We enjoyed a great evening last night of talking and catching up. I'm sure we'll bust out the games tonight! We've got lots of game playing to catch up on!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky....Beefy screams if we even turn the hair clippers on...at his last hair cut, both Dan and I had to pin him down while the poor stylist tried to cut his hair while he screamed at the top of his lungs. It was soooo stressful. We have a hair stylist as a neighbor and she is coming over after school today to cut all 5 kids hair....she doesn't know what she is getting in to. Beefs could use a hair cut every two weeks....yikes! I'll let you know how it goes.....but good job, Micah for sitting still like a big boy...he looks cute!