Sunday, December 06, 2009

it does get cold

No, we did not get snow like they did in houston and dallas.
But it was chilly.
Even a little cold.
I hate using that word since I know what COLD is really like.
But it was cold...35 to be exact.
But I think it's funny when people on the radio call it "bitter cold"
They have NO idea!

We didn't get the snow they thought we might.
But there was frost on the ground on Saturday morning.
I was trying to explain what frost is to Naomi.
She asked if it was frosty the snowman.
I don't think we'll be able to build a snowman.
Hey, would you build a snowman for Naomi and send us a photo?!


Holly said...

It's been cold here, think the high for today was only 28 and it was in the teens this morning. I wish we would get snow though. If it's going to be cold you might as well have a little something to have fun with. Once we get snow we will gladly take a picture of our snowman!

Dana said...

Jamie - just sent you an e-mail with some pictures of snowmen that Emily and Michael made last year. Maybe that will help Naomie. Will send you ones from this year when we get snow and can actually build a snowman.