Tuesday, December 01, 2009

field trip to fredericksburg

On Saturday morning we headed up to Fredericksburg.
We wanted to show my parents more of what our area had to offer.
We knew the little shops would be a hit with my mom,
and the german food and beer would be a hit with my dad.
We enjoyed the drive, (the trees actually had a little more color to them this time)
the walking, the shops, the food, the company and just the little trip away from home.
I'm certain that we'll be back again soon.
Here are some photos from our little field trip.


Anna said...

We love Fredericksburg! It's always on my list of places to go during the holidays, but we haven't been in a couple of years. . .

katherinemarie said...

ohhhhhh those photos are making me home-sick for Texas. Looks like an amazing time!!!!!!! Isn't Fredericksburg a delightful little place?