Friday, December 11, 2009
Day one of vacation:
Roofers came early and got to work.
We headed to the auto shop to drop off the car (do you see a trend here)
and then to Walmart to buy Micah some gloves
and then to the zoo!
We enjoyed the empty zoo
in balmy 45 degree weather.
The animals were feisty.
The animals were active
(more so than I've ever seen).
Must have been trying to stay warm!
Here are some examples:

Came home after the zoo to find...
NO roofers and a lot of shingles still in their packaging.
We never got any calls so we don't know when they left.
All we know is that it's raining outside and we don't have a roof.

This is getting VERY frustrating.
Especially since we leave tomorrow for vacation.
Don't come over and try to take our stuff,
there's nothing you'd want here anyway,
cuz we're taking the cute kids with us!

Greg and I did get to drop the kids off at church
for their annual babysitting/gift wrapping service project.
We went grocery shopping.
Glamorous I know.

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