christmas program

Sunday, December 20, 2009
The Sunday School Christmas program
(for which the kids practiced three times)
was this morning at 10am.

Naomi was an angel.
No, it wasn't type casting.
I asked.

She sat still.
She sang loud and proud.
She did all the actions.
She stayed on the stage longer than everyone to look for baby Jesus.
It was a blast.
What a proud mommy moment for me.

The quality of this first video is not real good.
But I wanted to share it anyway.
"Hush little Rooster"
Verse 2 of Away in a Manger

Verse 3 of Away in a Manger

Some photos of my little angel!
The kids gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.One little boy asked his parents, "How OLD is baby Jesus?" (there were a LOT of candles)They took baby Jesus out of the manger during the program and Naomi was very concerned. She was VERY happy to find him later and take her picture with him. She loves him so much.
jimandafleming said...

How sweet! I'm glad she didn't show off her angel undies...apparently, that was something I did whenever I went up for children's moment.

She's adorable, Jamie. Have a blessed Christmas!

Amy said...

Very cute! I especially like her being the last one holding out "there" in the third verse. Timmy was also an angel at his Christmas pageant. Maybe it's a thing for 3 year olds.

katherinemarie said...


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