Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the ceiling

I know you're all waiting with baited breath
to see how our ceiling is doing.
Wait no longer.
It is finished!

The crew came about 9:30am
and promptly got to work.
I got the kids out of the house...
we ran to church to fax something,
and then off to walmart to purchase
two last minute gifts and some groceries for our visitors.

When we got home about 12:30pm they were done and gone.
It looks SOOOO much better.
Although you can plainly see where it was patched
I'm sure that can be fixed.
And I'd much rather have that as my problem,
than a giant hole!!!

Just in time for Christmas
and our visitors!

Thanks T and crew for the job well done.
They even patched the eye sore giant crack!!!

Here's a few photos of part of the process.
Cutting down the old sheetrock.

Everything got tarped off when they sprayed the new popcorn ceiling up.
Oh how I wish I had money to get rid of the popcorn ceiling!I took these photos when it was still wet and with the light on...so it's not great, but you get the idea...there's no more hole!!

1 comment:

Holly said...

So I guess you can look at it this way...If the ceiling hadn't fallen in then the roofers wouldn't have fixed that crack in the wall. So maybe it was a blessing that now you don't have to worry about getting a contractor in to do that!