Thursday, December 03, 2009

the announcement

some of you thought I might be pregnant...
although I do wish that was my announcement, it is not.
some of you guessed that i was going to be opening an etsy shop...

and if you did you were right.

It's the Pure Joy Creative Grand Opening!!!

I'm not completely done listing items for sale but wanted to get the shop up and running in case anyone wanted to purchase a painting or photograph for a Christmas present.
We are having some big issues right now with finances (which I will explain at another time) and I wanted to be able to help contribute to our families income.

I have always loved to paint. I'm not the worlds best painter but I'm passionate about getting scripture off the page and onto the walls of everyone's home. What a fun and beautiful way to do just that. I love to do custom paintings and can't wait to see what our creative minds put together can make for your walls! I am also selling photographic prints with scripture on them. Any of the photos can include any verse that you love and can be printed in color or black and white. You will be able to preview the photo before it's printed.

And just because it's my birthday today and I'm 30, I'm having a grand opening/birthday sale! All items in my shop are 30% off for the entire weekend!! Now, go place an order so I can get painting! And PLEASE spread the word and tell all your friends to order something too!! Here are some samples of what's for sale!
I do have another announcement but it's not ready just yet! But hopefully later today!
Please come back!!


Kate said...

Congratulations and God's blessings on your new endeavor, Jamie!!! I'm so excited for you! When will felt food be available??? :-)

Jamie said...

I do hope to add felt food. But not till after Christmas! There's no way I can get felt food done in time for Christmas!

Elisa said...

Oh, congratulations and happy birthday! I'm off to visit your shop. Really like the photograph/scripture art, such a nice job with the fonts. :)