Sunday, December 06, 2009

30 years

So what does it feel like to be 30?
A lot like it felt to be 29...and 28.
But it's weird to think that I'm 30.

I used to think that 30 was old.
Not so much anymore.
But again, it's weird to think that I'm 30.
I'm sure it's weird for my mom to think that her baby is 30 also?
Right mom? (she'll be double my age soon...but don't tell her that I told you).

I had a great birthday.
I got spoiled...a couple of time.
My friend from church, who also watches the
kids twice a month took us out for lunch!
Thanks Wanda, it was a special treat and we had a great time.

Greg came home early from work and brought me this:

The stable that is...
I've been collecting the pieces for a few years.
Thanks babe, I LOVE it!

He also baked me this:

The kids loved the cake just as much as I did!

And Greg surprised me with dinner out and a movie!
What a great night it was.
We enjoyed a nice dinner and then some kill time at Borders.
Then we went and saw the funniest movie that we've seen in a LONG time.
It was so awesome to laugh like that.
So, go see Old Dogs and be prepared to laugh!

Saturday was a fun day too.
Naomi and I went to church for the Mary-Martha Guild brunch.
Then she has practice for the Christmas Program and I ran some errands.
After I dropped her off at home I headed to Linda's house for high tea.
High tea doesn't mean "fancy" tea, altough it's a dressy, festive occasion.
High tea means the meal for the day basically.
The food was incredible. The tea delicious.
The company outstanding.
It was so awesome to meet new friends and get to know old friends better.
We talked a LOT about homeschooling and books.
It was a great afternoon!

What did you do this weekend?
Anything fun? I bet it doesn't top my weekend! ha!

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Rachel Hill said...

The stable looks sweet! I have the Willow Tree nativity too, but just the main section so far. Sounds like you had a great 30th birthday! And I agree (as a fellow 30 year old) that it does sound old/strange, but doesn't feel much different!

Dana said...

Jamie - you had a better time than just going to two softball games on Friday night :) Glad you had a good birthday.