Thursday, November 12, 2009

spiritual mothering: chapter 7

Let's make this week's discussion a simple one. Share one or two things that you underlined and explain why.

Was it something you wholeheartedly agree with? Something that challenges you to grow? Something you want to know more about or study more in depth?
If we were sitting around in a circle at a coffee shop (picture your favorite one and maybe even tell us which one it is so we can picture it too!), how would you finish this sentence: "I underlined the quote that says ________________ because ________________."

I love how Susan talks about Mary and Elizabeth's relationship in this chapter. Their relationship is a great model for spiritual mothering. "The mutual desire to live for God's glory make the relationship work. There are basically two approaches to life: self-centered and God-centered. ... They were not oblivious to self-centeredness, but they were obedient to God's Word." (pg 97).

"When a person is saved by God's grace and begins to understand the magnitude of His sovereignty, the "my" world view is replaced by a Biblical world view" (pg 98). What an awesome reminder. I also love on page 99 when she talks more about Mary and Elizabeth but my prayer is that I am also like these women. "Their world and life view was much bigger than their own worlds because God's glory was their life-purpose. They could accept and adjust to the changes that came into their lives because they were centered on God and not self".

Sometimes I feel like Susan is talking specifically to me. Like in this quote on page 101, "When by grace we are freed from bondage to sin, we become free to enter into healthy relationships. When our security is in Jesus and our significance is in living for His glory, we are released from the need to possess." I don't know how posssessive I am in relationships but I feel that this is a great reminder to me to stop the pity parties and start going out of my way for other people.

I feel like I've been called to something more. I feel like there is a need or a ministry that I am going to fill soon. I'm not sure what that is or what it will look like but I just feel that God is starting to work on me for another purpose. I am busy, but I'm not too busy to care about other peoples needs and actually do something about it!

It's all about living to Glorify God in all I do. That is my prayer today. That I live to bring Glory to God alone. My prayer for myself and also for you!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...


I love that you've got that feeling, that one that something is coming, that this book/study is preparing you for something special, something unique, some task/role that is fitted specifically for you! So exciting!!!

And I think I underlined every single thing you did too!

Praying that God continues making your path clear as you walk forward in confidence and hope,


P.S. And, yes, how I long to sit around with all of you talking. Think we need a whole weekend--at least!

Lisa notes... said...

I loved the "Mary-Elizabeth" relationship talk in this chapter, too. How wonderful it would be to sit around with them around a cup of...something (I guess not coffee or hot chocolate?).

"Stop the pity parties and start going out of my way for other people." Wow - that is a great statement and one that really challenges me.

I'm saying a prayer for you right now for what God has in store around the corner. I actually lost an opportunity this week for glorifying God that I thought would be happening. So I'm trusting that God has another way in store for me to serve him that I don't even know about it. What an awesome God of surprises!


A weekend sounds incredible. in the meantime, at least I know we'll have an eternity after this life is over!