Sunday, November 08, 2009

scott, kimi and the boys

I love it when I am able to photograph my friends!
My job is the best!
I get to be a mom to two awesome kiddos
and I get to photograph the best people
and help them capture memories for years to come!

Kimi and I have been friends since college...
lots of memories then...
lots of memories now...
So excited to watch our kids grow up as friends.
Naomi is pretty sure that she's going to marry Matthew someday...
altough I'm not quite sure that the feeling is mutual!

Kimi, here are just a few sneak peaks for you!
Sorry that I wouldn't let you put them on your computer...
a photographer has to keep some secrets!!!

I LOVE this one!!
And this one...

These two are so happy and in love!
Like the first day they met!
What an amazing relationship they have
that is firmly rooted in Christ...
they are AMAZING parents too in case you were wondering!
Love you guys!!

You can see a few more sneak peaks on my photography blog!

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