Tuesday, November 24, 2009

photo shoot and other things

So it's the busy time of year.
That's no different in this house than any other house.
We had some friends stay with us last week.
It's always nice to catch up with old friends.
It's always nice to get a baby fix (photos to come later).
It's always nice to photograph a good lookin' family
even on my front porch because it was pouring!
Kristy here are a few sneak peaks for you!!!
Thanks for coming to hang out with us...and do some sightseeing!

I have so much more to tell you all...
like how I FINALLY finished Naomi's tutu...
only took me like 2 months to finally get around to finishing it!
She LOVES it!
And I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I also can't wait to tell you about how we took the kids bowling for the first time!
What fun that was!
I can't wait to show you more photos from the P family photo shoot!
And I can't wait to reveal something that I'm working on....
gotta finish it first though!
That's all for now...
gotta go take a little girl to the dr...
croup? maybe, who knows...

Gotta clean my house too...
mom and dad come tomorrow night!!

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Ryan and Kristy Peterson said...

Hey Jamie,
We are finally home from our 2 week adventure. It is good to be home again. Thanks again for letting us stay with you. It was so good to catch up. Thanks for the sneak preview! They look great and will look perfect for the Christmas card! Hope to talk to you soon. Oh, the tutu turned out great. Hope you had fun with your parents and are feeling better