Monday, November 02, 2009

party time

Saturday night we headed over to Dave and Debbie's for their halloween party.
We were excited to be invited and even more excited that we were able to attend.
Having sick kiddos all week we didn't know where we'd be by Saturday.

What a fun party.
Debbie is full of fun ideas,
and has an eye for detail!
Check out the fun halloween themed snacks!
She didn't miss anything.

There was a little pumpkin patch with pumpkins filled with sand.
The kids had to dig through the sand to find the goodies.
Naomi loved taking a swing at the pinata.
She barely touched it, but we cheered her on.
Micah seemed pretty pleased with himself that he could lift the big stick.Here's our wonderful hostes Debbie and her son.
I'm pretty sure she's trying to talk him into a shorter sentence!The whole Peter Pan crew was there...
Captain hook!
Tinker Bell!!!
LOVE this photo of Sophia!!! One of my new favorites!!!And Peter Pan himself!
The girls loved playing in the little house.
They kept talking about how they had to run away from Captain Hook.
Smart girls staying away from the boys!! Naomi and Micah both had a great time climbing up into the little fort
and going down the slide. Micah was drawn to the balls.
Can't imagine why.

We had a wonderful evening at the party.
Thanks Dave and Debbie for the great memories!
We're looking forward to next year...
maybe we'll even dress up!

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