Tuesday, November 10, 2009

opening games

The Lutheran High School of San Antonio hosted their first basketball games in their new gym tonight. Greg's meetings got cancelled so we headed over to watch the games. The LHSSA Mustangs took on the Concordia Academy Cardinals for their first home games. The girls won 51-19 and we left right before half time of the boys game (33-23).

LHSSA has a mustang mascot. A person dressed as a horse. It's a nice touch. But apparently if you're under the age of two the mustang is terrifying. Naomi quickly warmed up to the horse and even "gave the horsey two hugs." Micah, however, had no intention of coming close to the horse. I know it's not anything new for kids to be scared of fully dressed head-to-toe mascots or characters but it's still funny to watch. The poor kid couldn't take his eyes off the horse for fear that it might disapear and then end up right in front of him. He had one eye on the game, and one eye on the horse.

Naomi was LOVING the cheerleaders. At one point she walked over to the sideline where they were all standing and started giving them hugs. She said in her happiest, screachiest voice, "mommy the cheerleader gave me a hug". She was beside her self. It was like me meeting Michael W. Smith or something. No jokes please. Let it alone. He was always my favorite. And he's in San Antonio on Thursday, but guess who won't be at his concert. Oh yeah, you're right. Me. Bummer. Third time he's been in San Antonio since we've lived here and I've yet to see him. Oh wait, we were talking about Naomi weren't we. She was just loving to cheer and be loud, dance and run around and just having a blast. I guess we'll have to go to more basketball games in the future. We'll just have to keep the horse away so Micah doesn't have nightmares!

These are some photos that I had taken for their website. They did use some of my photos on their website but it would be hard for me to point them out (there's only a few).

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