Thursday, November 05, 2009

holly, don't look!

Holly, if you are reading this just skip past it...
I don't want to ruin the surprise!
And especially don't let your boys see this!

You may remember this shirt on Micah the other day.
I made it. With the inspiration from here.
I also made some matching ones for two little nephews for Christmas.
I know how much Andrew loves to match with Noah so I figured I'd just make all three match.
So, Holly, if you are reading this...shame on your for not listening when I said stop.
But oh well, hopefully you'll have gift amnesia and when the boys open these you'll be just a thrilled as they are *fingers crossed*.


katherinemarie said...

Those are sooo darling! What a special gift!!!!

Holly said...

I must admit I did peek, but I wont' let the boys see. The shirts are adorable and Andrew will LOVE that he and Noah have a new matching outfit.