Saturday, November 14, 2009

custom paintings

When I went to the Pastor's Wives Retreat in September I was able to set up a table with some of my paintings to sell. I sold six paintings! Two were sold of the ones I had already made. I also sold four that were custom painted to match the clients colors and personal style.

I love being able to create artwork that hangs in peoples homes. And what could be better than being surrounded by scripture as well. I am so excited that people bought the paintings (and some felt food) and I want to continue selling and creating lovely pieces for more people.

I am toying with the idea of opening an etsy shop. We have come into some hard financial problems recently and it would be great for me to try and help out our family by selling some, what do you think? Is opening an etsy store a good idea? Is there some other avenue I should take for selling my paintings?

I would love to start doing more paintings for kids rooms as well. Paintings to match their decor and personalized with their names on them. I guess I should make some as samples...any ideas?
Here are three of the custom paintings I did for some clients.


Desiree Wong said...

i love your paintings! I say open an etsy and see what happens! :) I think I'd buy one!

katherinemarie said...

DO IT--- Your etsy shop would be a HUGE HIT!!! I LOVE etsy and they would LOVE YOU!

jimandafleming said...

I think you are so talented and creative. I say go for it, I think I'd buy something, too!

Amanda Fleming