Sunday, October 18, 2009

yes, yes, I know

Another post about the weather?
come on, get a life!

I know that's what you'll be saying by the time your done this post.
But I don't care. It's just what is on my mind right now.
My mom sent me some photos looking out her front door.

They made me homesick.
Fall photos always do.
She told me that the local news station had a viewer
gallery where people could submit their fall photos.
Homesick some more.

Some of the blogs I follow are of people living "up north".
It seems so strange to me to see everyone all bundled up.
I guess when you live here you do get used to it.
I guess I just forgot that there were other people in the world,
and that not everyone always has the same temperatures.
silly me.
But it's a good thing, you would NOT have wanted to be here this summer.

I long for fall so bad that I made my daughter wear a
sweater dress to church this morning.
Because it was a "cool" 60 degrees.
What was I thinking?
Well, actually it was a SUPER cute (hand-me-down) dress
that was perfect for our family photos. (I'll be sharing some soon).

So anyway, I miss fall.
I wish my windows could be open everyday
for more than five minutes in the morning.
I wish I didn't sweat when walking out to the mailbox.
I wish I could make a big pot of chili and watch football on Saturdays
but really don't feel like heating the house anymore than it already is.

Okay, I know, enough already.
Just know that if you live further north than say,
Oklahoma...enjoy the "fall" while you can!

Because when winter strikes you all up there...
I'll be enjoying "fall" down here!

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