Friday, October 16, 2009

well check ups

The kids had their well check ups last week.
I got to take them at the same time (by myself).
They both did really good and didn't need any shots.
However, the doctor did warn me that at their
next visits that would not be the case.

Naomi's 3 year old stats are:
Height: 39 3/4 inches
Weight: 34lbs 14oz
BMI: 15.5

Micah's 18 month stats are:
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 26lbs 15oz
Head: 49cm

It's such a joy to continue to watch them grow and change.
They are discovering new and exciting things all the time.
I'm trying my best to be more patient and loving and
not let the little things get to me.
Because it's not about the little things.
Greg said the other day, "I think it's so cool that Bible study is
a part of Naomi's regular vocabulary. I doubt that I was talking
about Bible studies when I was three."
I doubt that I was either (and I'm pretty sure my mom
wouldn't be able to remember either)
It's just awesome that she's excited about God's word
and that she loves to read stories to her babies and
she always reads them "Bible" stories and tells them about Jesus.
I pray that she never STOPS telling people about Jesus!

Here are some photos from about a week ago...
it was chilly so we busted out the overalls!
I love it when they can wear somewhat "matching clothes".
If I ever have twins you can bet they'll be dressed alike
(at least half the time).

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Holly said...

Andrew absolutely LOVES it when he can match his little brother, at least most of the time. Today however he insisted on wearing Bob the Builder and did not want to wear his usual Sunday Packer outfit. Silly boy!