Wednesday, October 14, 2009

twenty-five years

Twenty-five years is a long time to do something.
I wasn't even single for twenty-five years.
Our senior Pastor has been at Mt. Calvary for 25 years!
He celebrates the anniversary of his installation today!
How incredible that he has been such a great part of the history here at Mt. Calvary.
While Pastor's are merely a tool for God to use
it is incredible to witness the many ways that God has used
and will continue to use Pastor DeVries here at Mt. Calvary.
We had a celebration for him on Sunday.
A special service complete with a guest preacher (a son of the congregation)
A dinner cooked and catered by our faithful fellowship comittee.
An outstanding cake mady by Robyn,
(I hear it was delicious I didn't get to sample it because some kiddos needed a nap!)
And a special gift for Pastor and Cathy.

Here are the 500 babies, the wee willies and my kids
running around before lunch.
Greg was doing the announcements and prayers and someone wanted to be by their daddy!The awesome cake!
I love these flowers, they look so real!Calla lillies are my FAVORITE flower so I really loved these!Here's Cathy and her only grandson (so far) Nathan...this was the first time Nathan came to stay at grandma and grandpa's house (he's about two and a half months old). She was so excited to have him there...but that's pretty obvious right?Pastor and Cathy with the cake. Just some of the people who came for the special occasion.Micah was getting some love from Steve...and Jenny...Pastor and Cathy had just been told that the congregation is sending them on a trip to Rome for his Pastoral Anniversary trip! How exciting is that?!!! Can I come?
It was a great day of celebrating 25 years of faithful service. Congratulations Pastor!!!

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