Sunday, October 04, 2009

third birthday review

I think Naomi enjoyed her third birthday.
We did lots of fun special little things for her.
Daddy took her to McDonald's in the morning for breakfast.
Then she got to open one present before daddy went to work.
She opened the shirt and skirt that I made for her.
She was so excited to get clothes...and seemed even more excited when she found out that I made it for her. That just made my day!
Then Mrs. L came over and had a little book for her (awesome book by the way) and she stayed with Micah while I took Naomi for her photoshoot.
Then when we got back they all played for a bit before the kids and I headed over to church for lunch. We ate lunch with the staff and then enjoyed some birthday cake. She got all quiet and shy when they were singing to her. It was cute. After church we came back home and Micah took a nap. Daddy came home from work early and we spent lots of time just hanging out the four of us. We then took her to her favorite resturant IHOP for some blueberry pancakes.

I feel the need to publicly apologize for her behavior at IHOP. It's like she was someone else. I didn't know who this crazy little girl was. She was screaming and running all over the resturant and just not behaving like she sometimes does. I was a little embarassed to say the least. Oh well, I guess it's not the end of the world and it happens to everyone with kids at some point?! Right?!

After dinner the kiddos got baths and got tucked into bed. It was a great day and I'm so excited that my little girl is three but I can't believe that my little girl is three! Where does the time go?
I do plan on posting one of these days about all her milestones and funny stories...I need to get them written somewhere.

For now, enjoy some photos from Naomi's third birthday.
This is what we got the Discovery Toys playful pattern thing. We thought it would be good to start teaching good money habits now. She kept asking all day the next day if she could do her work around the house and get some money. So cute. Let's hope this attitude lasts!Thanks Kristin, Corey, Liam and Silas!!Her gifts...not including the ones that came in the mail after her birthday. She is one spoiled ... err...I mean blessed little girl!She wanted to play with all her new toys at once...and all at once. Naomi took this photo on her new camera on the way to dinner.Taken on Naomi's new camera!This one too!And we ended the birthday girls day with a little webcam action with grammy and papa in Wisconsin and Uncle Eric, Aunt Cakki, and baby Lily in San Diego. What a fun third birthday!


Tom King said...

You guys look like your doing great! What webcam action do you use? we are just gettin into skype. any suggestions?

Jamie said...

we just use yahoo. my mom couldn't get skype to work on her computer. I have an account. Do you guys have a webcam? it would be awesome to see y'all that way!!!!

Katherine Marie! said...

HAPPY BUTTERFLY BIRTHDAY! What a sweet cake and even sweeter birthday girl!!!!!