Thursday, October 29, 2009

sick kids, funny stories, and a celebration

I took Naomi to the dr. on Tuesday. She still had a pretty high temp. She did have a slight ear infection and what the nurse called pre-bronchitus. I think she called it that because she could tell it was getting down into Naomi's lungs but wasn't quite there yet. They put her on antibiotics. She just layed on the couch most of Tuesday and it was SO quiet in the house. By Wednesday I could tell she was feeling better because she was talking and singing more and finally eating something. She's still coughing a lot and afraid to do so...I think she thinks she's going to throw up if she coughs!

Micah started coughing a lot on Tuesday night and the nurse told me to give him some allergy medicine to break it up. He took a REALLY long nap yesterday and just wanted to go to bed today too. Hopefully they'll be better for trick or treating on Saturday. But if they're not, that's okay with me too!

At lunch yesterday Naomi told me that she needed help eating. I told her that she could do it herself because she's been feeding herself for two years. She told me she didn't want to feed herself because she didn't want her fingers to get dirty. So I said, and it's okay if my fingers get dirty? To which she replied, "well, yeah".

Today she was playing pretend and I got to be Kimi and Micah was baby JJ. Then she told me that we were going on vacation. I asked her where we were going and she said, "to Martin Lufer's house". How funny is that? What 3 year old says that? Must be a Pastor's Kid? Must be reformation time!

Today is also Naomi's baptismal birthday so we'll be celebrating that tonight! Thanks godmothers and godfather for keeping this precious little girl in your prayers!!

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