Wednesday, October 28, 2009

reformation fest decorations

Jenny asked me about a month ago if I could help her come up with some ideas for decorations for Reformation Fest! Yay! That is right up my alley! She is on the youth board and since the youth puts on Reformation Fest she was right there with them helping out. I'd seen lots of ideas on the many creative blogs out there and picked out a few that I thought would work on a larger scale (than just a home) and would be fairly inexpensive to make.

The first thing I told her about was writing on pumpkins. Just one word or a phrase. She found it difficult to write with a sharpie on a real pumpkin but soon found the Funkins for 60% off at Michael's and those worked great for writing on. They are basically made out of foam.

The other idea I found was to make little these treat jars. And I knew where she could get a bunch of baby food jars! My storage shed! I still had a bunch left over that I never threw away when Micah was done with baby food. I knew they would come in handy some time for some great crafts. I saved a few for myself because I know there are other crafts I'd like to make with these small jars but I gave Jenny the majority of my stash. She got all the supplies and the youth started working on getting everything finished.

We finished the jars at our MOMS meeting and then when Jenny came over on Friday night she brought some of the big pumpkins with her to finish writing on. I wrote on two of the big pumpkins and since I knew they'd be selling them as a fundraiser I decided to write exactly what I wanted on one. Is that cheating? Oh well. I wrote "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation" on a white pumpkin and I love it. It is now gracing my table at home!

What other fun decorations have you made for your "fall" home?

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