Monday, October 19, 2009

a quick recap...

My list of things to blog about is long...
My time to fulfill that list is short...

Here are just some highlights...
from the last two weekends,
full of amazingness.

Last weekend I got to be part of a special
birthday surprise for my SIL Catherine.
And HAPPY First ANNIVERSARY to my bff, Julie and Clif!
We spent time just being together as a family.
We celebrated with Pastor D with lunch at church.
We had friends (from outside our church) over for dinner...
that. was. REFRESHING!
We LOVE our friends from church and wouldn't trade them for the world...
but it's just different when you don't have to be "Pastor"
and "Pastor's wife" and you can just be YOU!!!
We really hope we didn't scare Rachel and Nick off.
We'd LOVE to hang out with them again!!!

This weekend the kids and I went to Greg's softball games on Friday night.
They were running around and acting totally (crazy) normal.
Saturday we did lots of chores.
Greg took the kids to the ball fields in the morning
so I could get some serious cleaning done.
Naomi loved running the bases.
Steve and Angela came over for dinner and
we enjoyed some great comfort food...
and the BEST-FLAN-EVER!!!
Thanks Angela for such an amazing treat!
You've got to get this lady in your kitchen she's a GREAT cook!!!
My kids were totally crazy again!

Sunday we enjoyed church, taking some family photos, finally a quiet nap time.
A barbie movie and our tradition of pizza and Funniest Home Videos.
Greg and I have two famous quotes that we can use for almost every video...
He says, "that could've been REALLY bad"
and I say, "why would you even DO that?"

Here's one sneak peak from the VERY SMALL photo shoot we had after church on Sunday.
This should entice you to come back for more later this week...

Hands off ladies...
He's MINE!!!

Have a great week everyone!

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Kari said...

That is just a PRECIOUS picture! I can't wait to see more!