Saturday, October 24, 2009

project revealed

Well, you may or may not remember this post where I told you about a little top secrect project that I had going on. The project has been completed and delivered. My good friend Jen asked me if I would create something for her husband's birthday. Eric is a bike man. He loves cycling and everything that comes along with it. Jen said that he's really into vintage bike posters.

The original idea was to take some photos of vintage bikes and create a collage of sorts. But we kept going back to the canvas I made for Micah with the gloves spelling his name. So, I looked through the photos I had already taken at Cycle Logic Bike Shop to see if I could find Eric's name in the bikes. Sure enough I was able to pull out the letters without that being my original intention. I printed the photos for Jen and also had a 4x10 photograph printed of all four photos together. I had that mounted and it's a great little piece that Eric can put on his desk so people know it's his!

This was a very fun project for me and I'd be more than happy to do this for other people too! Let me know what subject matter and what to spell and I'll get photographing! Here are the images I used for Eric's name photo!

The finished 4x10 mounted on styrene.

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Meg said...

AWESOME! This turned out great. I love the creativity of it! I could never see letters in objects like this. I would love to do something like this for my son! Great job and great idea!