Friday, October 23, 2009

product spotlight

Along with my photography business come lots of products. When I received my evaluation form back today from this family one thing she mentioned was having more sample products for people to view before ordering! I totally agree. That is why I ordered all the canvas prints that I have for one thing. Not only do they add a great deal of personality to my kiddos rooms but they are a great way to show off how incredible canvas prints really are. I know that I need more of the coffee table books and wedding albums to show off and I'm working on it but my budget for those items right now is non-existant.

When my clients chose to purchase a collection they will receive a complimentary spiral bound proof album. I used to do this the cheap way and just get the proofs printed at costco and bound at Office Max. It worked for a while. But my clients deserve better.

I decided that I wanted to see how my new lab did the spiral binding proofs. I was blown away. I LOVE them so much! The paper is amazing. The cover is to die for. The spiral is sturdy and subtantial and it's just amazing. I took a leap of faith and before even seeing this spiral bound proof I ordered two, so that I could keep one. I am so glad I did that because now I have something to show potential clients! Now, when they place an order they'll know that they can get their favorite prints enlarged and also have a copy of all the photos to remember the session by. I am so excited to offer these to my clients. They are very high quality and show off like an album. Plus all the photo information is on the back for easy re-ordering!!!

Yes, they cost more than costco and officemax but it's totally worth it. It's all about preserving these special memories for my clients and offering them the best...not second rate stuff that they could get themselves! I'm so excited to order more of these for my next clients!!
It's sturdy enough to use as a display!Check out the thickness of the cover!!


Elisa said...

That's awesome - very professional.

Tara said...

Ok, I have to know your lab. These would even be cute to give out as gifts. I would carry one around. Do share the lab please!!! LOL