Wednesday, October 21, 2009

funny story

So, Micah had to be changed like three times yesterday. After his nap I gave him a haircut so he needed a new outfit. I put a shirt on him that says "Good looks run in my family". I told Naomi what it said. She then bumped into Micah on purpose and I said "what did you do that for?" And she's the kicker...
"I'm running into my family."
That girl is so funny.

She's been insisting that I call her Ariel for about a week now. I say something like, "Naomi, come get in your chair for lunch" to which she replies, "I'm sorry, it's Ariel." We went to the park on Monday and she introduced herself to all the little kids there as Ariel. She kept calling all the little girls sweetheart too. It was pretty funny. So, then I have to explain to the mother's that it's not her real name. She's pretty creative. For a while we were pretending to go on vacation to see Aunt Tracey. Then we picked up Aunt Catherine (played by naomi) and baby Lily (played by Micah) and guess who I got to be? You guessed it, I got to be Uncle Eric!! I've been Snow White and Cinderella and grammy and Uncle Eric all in a weeks time. She is most often Ariel and sometimes Tinkerbell. But I find it funny that she gets "angry" with me when I call her Naomi. Oh and she's started calling Micah, "Mike". Silly girl!

We went to the Children's Museum last Wednesday. They had the Got Milk Chocolate Milk tour going on. We got a free t-shirt, bag, pencils, stickers, tatoos, and samples of chocolate milk. Plus, lots of fun play time at the museum. It was not very easy taking them myself. I didn't always have an eye on both kiddos at once. Micah walked off a lot and one time I didn't see which way he went...not my brightest parenting moment! But he came back and we were reunited. Just wish he understood what he was doing and why it was wrong! Anyway, here's some photos from the SACM.

"Ariel" just started crossing her legs's so funny.


Captain Aunt Susan said...

Ariel? Too cute! Also love your Christmas countdown. It reminds me that while in Iraq, people were so focused on their prosptective dates to leave that they would get a bit sloppy in their work so to focus them on a time beyond that and keep them on their toes for the work at hand, I kept reminding all how many shopping days until Christmas... in July and August!

Miss you all!

Dana said...

Aren't you glad we didnt' sent you Emily's Ariel costume :) Then she really would say to call her Ariel. We will send it another time - it is size 10 or 12 or something like that. It would be for in the future - but fun anyway.