Tuesday, October 13, 2009


While on our Anniversary getaway we spent most of our time in Fredericksburg. It's a little German town with lots of little shops and great resturants (mom you'd really love this place). On our Anniversary we went to the Fredericksburg Brewing Co. Resturant. We ordered some of their homebrew and some good ol german food. It was good! It's been a while since I've had a reuben and red cabbage and it was oh so yummy!

Then on Tuesday after spending the morning hanging around the Haven River Inn and reading till lunch time we headed back to Fredericksburg to walk around and do some shopping and find a good place for lunch. We did a little wine tasting too and can't wait to pour a warm glass of KrisKindle at Thanksgiving time (mom you're gonna love it). We found another German resturant for a late lunch. We went to the Auslander resturant and I ordered another reuben. This one was better than the first. Greg also enjoyed his beer a little better than the night before and we give the Auslander two thumbs up.

We enjoyed dinner at the Dodging Duck in Boerne on Tuesday night. The food was pretty good but not the best we've ever had...but the service was kinda slow. Made us glad that we were in NO hurry! The company was the best part of the whole trip! It was great to just be the two of us and to get to do whatever we wanted with no time table and just be us!

All these photos were taken on my phone so don't expect too much!
Here we are on our 7th wedding anniversary!!!Greg got the schnitzel and I got the reuben and then we split them in half and shared!here's Greg and his beer at the Auslander

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Jamie Mueller said...

I LOVE Fredricksburg!!!