Thursday, October 01, 2009

dollhouse dreams

Naomi came into our room at 5:25 this morning.
She was upset and a tear stained her cheek.
I asked her what was wrong (thinking she wet the bed).
She said, "I'm sad"
So I asked her why.
She said, "because I need to finish the dollhouse."

My only conclusion is that she was dreaming.
But oh what a fun thing for a little girl to dream about.

She went back to bed for two more hours.
When she came back into our bedroom we began singing "Happy Birthday"
She fell on the floor a little upset and kept saying, "not yet".
I'm still pretty convinced that she doesn't get the WHOLE birthDAY thing.
She still thinks a birthday is just cake and maybe a party.
I hope we don't dissapoint her today.
But we've got lots of things planned.
With lots of photo ops to share tomorrow.
Daddy just took the little lady to McDonald's.
He was wearing his clerical collar...think they'll get some looks?

Later I am taking Naomi for her three year old photoshoot.
Then we're heading up to church to share butterfly cake with the staff.
Then we're going to the park after naps.
Presents will come in there sometime too!
So excited for her to see what I made her...
and what uncle E and aunt C got her...

So, here's to a day filled with three year old things!

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Dana said...

Please do tell Naomi that we were thinking of her today. We had school, volleyball, handbells, choir, and work somewhere in there... so I did not get her called on her birthday. I could have called at the 5:45 time she got up crying if I would have known she was up :) Take care and God bless you all!