Thursday, October 22, 2009

dear anna

I know what it's like to ask for help. It's not easy. We're moms, we're supposed to be able to do everything ourselves. Thanks for asking for help and for allowing us to help.

I also know what it's like to not have a clue about what your children did for the few hours that you were without them. So, I took some photos of the fun we had and now I'm going to tell you what we did while the 500 babies were visiting.

First we had a meeting of the minds in the sandbox. I think they were making pie. I'm sure you would have loved it but they ate all the pies. Silly kids.Daniel may or may not have colored on his face with chalk.Daniel and Micah had a great time carpooling to work.Naomi and Joe went back for more pie.Mikea was super excited to write with chalk and began writing her disertation.She then realized how long it was going to take and asked for help. So Daniel, Joe and Naomi all jumped at the chance to help her write it.Oh, sorry, this one is for me, I just LOVE this dress (found it at a garage sale!!!!). It'll be yours in a year or so!Mikea contemplated which route to take to get her disertation to the professor on time. Oh and her trusty blanket may or may not be a little dirty...And they all rejoiced with a little wine (water) and cheese (cheez-its) with Mikea after she finished all that hard work.Then we decided to move it inside and try a little craft time. Mikea must have been worn out from all that disertation work, she only last 2.5 seconds. Daniel lasted about a minute and Joe really got into the craft and ALMOST finished the whole thing. Naomi is craft obsessed like her mom and sat in Micah's chair till hers was done. Naomi's finished sand paper pumpkin craft as seen on No Time for Flash Cards.
Thanks again for allowing us the honor of playing with the 500 babies! We had a blast and it was a great chance for Micah to learn about sharing!!! We're sorry you're homeless but we're excited about what that means!!

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Anna said...

Thanks again for watching them! You're right that I have a hard time asking for help - maybe I will get better with practice. :) Those pictures are great - our kids sure are cute, aren't they??