Saturday, October 17, 2009

creating for me

I'm not a big fan of over photoshopping my photos.
I don't mind when other people do it.
In fact...sometimes I LOVE it...and wish I could replicate it.
I don't really over photoshop because it takes time.
And time is a precious commodity around here.
And because my skill set is lacking in that department.

But on Friday night.
I took some time.
I took some time for me
to learn how to do something new.
I took some time to be creative.
I took some time to unleash something that's been hiding inside.
I loved every second of it.
It sorta reminded me of painting and getting my hands dirty
(minus the mess to clean up later of course).
It felt good to try my hand at mixing textures and opacities.
It just felt good to take some time to create something for me
(and my kiddos too I guess).

I have felt in a creative funk lately.
Then my awesome mentor suggested a great book...
the funk is lifting...
this is the beginning of something new,
and creative,
just for me.

Because if I can't create art for me,
how am I supposed to create art for anyone else?
You can see a few more of the photos I played with on my photography blog here.

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Dana said...

glad she is loving the costumes - can tell by the look on her face that she loves being snow white. That is so fun to see. Glad Emily kept it.