Wednesday, October 07, 2009

can you do me a favor?...

Okay, so this favor isn't EXACTLY for me.
But if you could help that would be awesome!
Go to the parents website and vote for this awesome photo.

This is Addison (the granddaughter of Mark and Connie)
being thrown into the air by her daddy while on vacation in Hawaii.
If their photo wins they win some sort of tropical vacation. Lucky!
Mark and Connie kept the kids for us while we were on our Anniversary getaway.
I want to help their daughter win a vacation go vote.
You have to register but it's free and only takes a second.
So...CLICK HERE and vote!...oh and you can vote everyday till the contest is over.

I'll fill you in on the getaway tomorrow.
For now I need to snuggle with two little blonde kids
that I missed a lot!

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Katherine Marie! said...

I'll vote!