Sunday, October 04, 2009

butterfly cake

After talking Naomi out of a Minnie Mouse cake I talked her into a butterfly cake.
Then realized I had no idea how I would make a butterfly out of cake.
Then realized again that it was for a three year old so it didn't have to be AMAZING!
I searched online and found a little website with a one photo tutorial.
I think it was on the parenting website but I'm not sure. Sorry.

So, here's my tutorial in a few more photos than one.
For all of you google searchers looking for "butterfly cakes".
Bake your cake in two 9 inch round cake pans.
Once the cake is completely cooled cut the cake in half, but do not move the pieces.
Cut a diamond shape out of the middle of the cake. Sample the cake.
(just giving you permission because you know you're going to want to try it)
Now just move one half to the other side and you're all set.
I made two butterflys because I knew we'd be sharing it with the staff at church and because when you bake in 9inch rounds there's enough batter for two cakes. I leveled this cake before cutting it, that's why it looks different.
I put the cakes in the freezer for a couple of hours so the frosting would be easier to apply. It did make it much easier and the cake wasn't mixed in with the frosting too much because it had been frozen.

She was all shy and embarrassed when we sang to her. So cute!

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Dana said...

Mom had a pattern for a butterfly cake - made it once when I was young (don't remember what year). She also has a rocking horse, elephant, and a few more. They are from the boxes off of cakes. You might ask her for them in case you need them later.

I don't remember my 3rd birthday cake, but I do remember my 4th. I wanted a purple cake. I got a grey, ugly cake (even a 4 year old knew it was ugly). The cake was made with lots of love though, as Holly was born on the 14th and my birthday was on the 18th. So - I am sure Naomi will remeber her beautiful butterfly cakes. :)