Saturday, October 03, 2009


Greg didn't end up having to work much today so I took advantage. It's garage sale time all around SA! My friend Connie called me last night to tell me about a MOPS garage sale that was being held at Crown of Life. So around 10:30 Naomi and I headed over there...we shopped for a couple of minutes and then they closed the doors for five minutes and after that (at 11) most things were half price. I spent $45 and got 38 items. Not bad for a day of shopping. I got lots of clothes and a few toys that I will put away for Christmas presents. Plus I found the cutest birthday gifts for my niece and goddaughter! yay! It was fun and Naomi did really good there.

She took some of her birthday money and got a Belle doll, Minnie Mouse doll and three Barbies. It's so fun to watch her play with and experience new things. She played with the Barbies all night and kept calling them fairies! I have a box of Barbie stuff that I will get out for her when she gets bigger, but I thought it might be fun for her to have those three to play with.

I have a sad story about my Barbies. My next door neighbor (from when I was growing up) and I always played Barbies together and usually at her house because her dad made her a huge Barbie house. It was awesome. Furniture and everything. Then we sorta stopped talking to each other and then she moved... and took ALL my Barbies with her!!! Ugh! Like she knew they were mine but didn't care to even just leave them on my doorstep, ring the bell and run! I'm so upset and her parents just probably assumed they all belonged to her. So now I have no Barbies to pass down to my little girl.

When I was working at Peace in St. Louis they always had a huge garage sale every year. Since I worked there and helped with the garage sale I was able to get first dibs. One year someone brought a box full of Barbies, and Barbie furniture,...I grabbed that box so fast. There was more in that box than I ever owned. So, although it's not MY barbie stuff (which I'm still bitter about if you can't tell) it's still some cool barbie stuff...we even busted out the Ken doll tonight! Greg got Naomi to have the Barbies go on a's already starting.

She went behind the couch and was pretending that was their house and I heard her say, "no Ken don't do that. Leave the house!" Then she told me that Ken hit her in the forehead. I told her that it wasn't REALLY Ken's fault since she was controlling him. Too funny! So that's my Barbie you have one?

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