Thursday, October 08, 2009

anniversary get away

There's not much more relaxing than this.
Great weather.
Great book.
Great company.
Great time.
We were taken back to a time in life when things were
No tv to distract from a good book or sewing.
No telephone to ring right in the middle of a good paragraph.
No distractions.

Time was spent
going to bed early and sleeping in,
reading a good book,
conversing (and not just about the kids)
walking down the street hand in hand,
eating out for every meal,
sampling good beer,
finding out who has the best reuben,
window shopping, browsing, (and a few small purchases),
playing cards,
unwinding and getting away from it all.

We had an outstanding couple of days away.
We couldn't have asked for better
care givers for our children,
These two chairs are where we ate breakfast.This table is where we played cards at night.
We went to the Haven River Inn to have a little 7th Anniversary Getaway.
We loved every minute of it.
The Lambs Tale ministry pays for full time church workers to stay at the Inn for two nights every year. What a HUGE blessing! We really enjoyed our time away!
Staying in this house reminded us of our time on vicarage in Seymour, IN. We stayed in the "vicar mansion" while there. We loved that old house and this really took us back. We will always remember Seymour with fondness and wish we could go back to those "simple" days as well. Hello all you out there at Immanuel! Know that we miss you and we think of you often!!! We pray that God is blessing you in new and exciting ways all the time!!!!

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ahhhhh BLISS.