Monday, September 14, 2009

women's retreat

We had our 2nd Annual Women's Retreat this past weekend.
This was our second retreat, but our first "retreat"
Last year we had to retreat at church since the hurricane
came the weekend we were supposed to go to camp.
So this year, we actually made it to Camp Lonestar
although it was a bit soggy,
(we've had rain everyday since wednesday)
we didn't let that stop us.
The camp director put it so well, he said,
"If we didn't need rain so bad, we'd probably be complaining"
How true!

The retreat was a success. I know I had a great time!
I hope the other 22 women that went along did as well.
It was great to get away, to fellowship with women from church...
to get to know more about the people in my community of faith.
I learned that one lady from church grew up in Waukesha and
her parents actually went to Milwaukee Lutheran HS (my alma mater).
How crazy is that?

I learned so many things about the women through
conversations at meals and social time and through the fun fun skits we did.
It is so refreshing to see the women out of the church building having
A great time.
Laughing together.
Being creative together.
Drinking TONS of coffee together.
and GROWING together!
It was an incredible time!

Although I may not live down my stand up comedy
routine about poop for a while, I hope I got my point about
JOY across! After all, it's all about PURE JOY!!!

I'll be placing photos from the retreat on facebook soon.
I'll make sure to link back here when I do!


Jamie Mueller said...

I LOVE Camp Lonestar!!!

tiapugh said...

How did it go? The comedy, I mean? Did you get video?