Wednesday, September 09, 2009


How often do we get thunderstorms during the day in San Antonio?
Let me ask a better question...
How often do we get rain in San Antonio?
Well, this year has been extremely dry...
we're on stage 2 water restrictions if that tells you anything.
We were awakened this morning by a welcome sound...
rain and thunder.
Naomi hopped into bed with us.
She seemed a little scared but didn't mind it later.
So, after spending the morning inside I decided to
allow the kiddos to play outside when they requested to do so.
How often do they get to do this anyway?

I did too!
It was so much fun to watch them running around
in the rain, not a care in the world!
No, I did not join them in the rain.
I wanted to take some photos to help us remember this fun time!
Someone had to stay dry.
Maybe next time!

Here are some photos from our water-logged morning!
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