Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sew relaxing

Last week when Wanda was here playing with the kiddos I had some "me" time and spent it at my sewing machine. When it is working properly I find sewing to be SO relaxing. The hum of the machine...the process and the end result are what make me the happiest. I had spent the night before sewing the three little business card wallets and it's amazing how fast those things can come together once everything is cut out. Cutting is seriously the most time consuming part sometimes. Anyone out there wanna just cut the fabric for me? Anyway, on Tuesday I spent about and hour and a half and got two more buttercup purses sewn. I sent them off in the mail later that day and they finally made it to their new homes (so now I can finally post about them).

That's my latest sewing adventure. Now, I just need to get some more fusible interfacing for the t-shirt quilt and get sewing on Naomi's quilt and we'll be all set!
Hey mom, when you bought me my little sewing machine almost four years ago did you imagine this is what I'd be doing? Me either!!


Elisa said...

Very pretty, nice job! See you this weekend!

Katherine Marie! said...

BEYOND amazing--- Blog readers hear this---- J is an brilliant and fantastic sewing QUEEN! I can not imagine that she just started four short years ago?! Unbelievable.

The detail and beauty in this lovely purse set is truly sensational. I am lucky enough to have one in real life and I love it! :):) Believe me when I say--- LUSCIOUS.

Anonymous said...


I am glad you are sewing. Your stuff looks great. I still remember the first sewing machine you got that only went in reverse!! Can't wait to see your other projects. If you have any good craft show ideas let me know.
Beckie, ILC