Friday, September 18, 2009

proud mommy moment

I'm not overly strict...I don't think.
But I'm certainly a person who does not allow their child
snacks after they didn't eat their meal.
No dessert. No snacks. Just milk or water.

Naomi knows this by now and it doesn't seem to bother her.
She hasn't finished a "whole meal" in a long time.

*Side note*
If she did pretty good and ate most of her food I'll let her have a snack.
But if she didn't eat much at all, or just picked at things, no snack.
*End side note*

Tonight was no different. I made "quesadidas" for dinner...
one of her favorite things and she barely touched it.
So, I told her no snacks tonight.
We were going to Greg's first softball game of the season
and I told her that she was not allowed to have anything at the game.
Even if Micah and I decided to have a snack. She was not allowed.
She said that was okay.

Well, the test came tonight and it wasn't from me.
Naomi was talking to everyone and asking them their names.
One young girl (she must have been like 15) offered Naomi some of
her sour rainbow ropes (or something like that).
Naomi said, "what is that?" the girl told her that it was candy.
I'm not exactly sure if Naomi knows what candy is.
Naomi kept asking and the girl kept telling her it was candy.
So, finally Naomi said, "is that a snack?" to which the girl replied, "yes"
And Naomi said (proud mommy moment), "I can't have a snack".
I told the girl that yes, in fact, Naomi was not allowed to have a snack
because she did not eat her dinner. There was a guy close by from our church
and he was floored that Naomi said no and knew she couldn't have a snack.

Yay! Success. Something we told her actually stuck.
I asked Naomi to thank the girl for offering to share and she did.
I was so excited. Now, MAYBE she said she couldn't have a snack
because the candy looked weird, or maybe she actually said she
couldn't have a snack because she knew she didn't eat her dinner.
I'm going to go with the second option. I told Naomi thank you for
saying no and for listening to me. And she said it was no big deal.

Sweet. Now, if only she's listen to me when I ask her to take a nap...
or stop tackling Micah, or screaming in the house...
small battles people...small battles...

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