Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Maybe you read my post tube time...if not scroll down and read it and then come back.
Well, let me just add a few things.
The effort to get the TV turned off is more for Naomi.
I could care less about watching TV and movies
and would be perfectly happy with NO TV in the house.
Alas, my husband has a great job that can be stressful and he likes to
unwind to a certain sports center show and also loves to watch
any sport that may be on the tube at any given moment...
as well as PTI and many other sports related shows.
Love you honey!

Naomi had/has gotten into the habit of watching cartoons
from (basically) the second she wakes up (7-7:30ish) until
Micah wakes up (8:30ish) and I was okay with that.
I would use that time to drink my coffee and do my Bible Study.

But I just feel like it's been too much and like I said in my tube time post,
she has started talking about cartoons as if they happened in real life.

So, in my effort to detox Naomi from the TV
I'm going to try and get up earlier,
do a little workout and my Bible study
then once she wakes up we can read books, play,
do a little "intentional" play/ homeschooling and just
enjoy time without the tube.

Naomi loves to play pretend a lot.
Lately her pretend has been that grammy and papa are
here or that we are flying on an airplane to WI to see them.
Papa is usually the colorful blanket and grammy is the teddy bear blanket.
Yesterday grammy was sick and Naomi had to take her to the dr. three times.
(I hope you're feeling better now grammy!!)

This photo is Naomi sitting on papa's lap the other day.
The purple princess hat was her purse for a while and I don't remember
why she decided that it needed to be a hat again.
Notice that papa does have eyes, but that's about it.
He had a hard time holding the "cold milk" that Naomi brought him...
maybe at Thanksgiving time we can do this for real!!!

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