Friday, September 18, 2009

pillowcase apron

this was seriously the fastest thing I've ever made that has a function.
the tutorial that I found calls this the 10 minute pillowcase apron...
I think mine took 15 minutes because Naomi was in the room
asking TONS of questions...
thus, I was distracted.
The yearly elder/Pastor dinner is on Saturday night and I thought
it would be nice to take a hostess gift...
and since I'm pretty sure the hostess already has
some of my coasters I needed something new...

I hope that Bonnie likes her new little pillowcase apron.
Maybe I'll get her to model it for us all,
since my first model is a little short...
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As always, I can't wait to make more for gifts and maybe one for me too!
I love vintage pillowcases, so now I have two uses for them!

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Katherine Marie! said...

Seriously sweet! 15 minutes???? I'd be happy to make one of these lovely little things in two weeks.