Saturday, September 12, 2009


My kids are growing up.
Really, they are.
I tried to stop them but they won't listen.
Case in point.
Naomi can now reach the bathroom sink to
wash her hands after so uses the lu without a step stool. Crazy!
Micah likes to read books! Praise Jesus!
I was beginning to think that he would just stay away all together.

They just look big.
They're so fun to play with and to watch them playing together makes my heart smile.
Oh and yes, the fight too, in true sibling nature. Just thought I'd share!
Micah loves to sit on anyone who sits on the floor.
He doesn't care who it is.
Doesn't he look so old in this photo?

During naked time today they were pretending to be dogs...

cutest dog I've ever seen.

He was shaking his head and making his ears cute!

I caught Micah reading a book in Naomi's room right before bed.

Then he flashed me a huge smile...sorry for the color and blurriness (I didn't have time to fix the photo at all).

So, yes, they are growing up and we're enjoying our days so much.
It's great fun to play and be creative and watch their little minds work!

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