Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the non post post

Well, I don't really have much to blog about...
but statistics say that if you're going to blog
and going to have blog readers then you need to blog

Really? Are you kidding me?
But really, I know how much it is true.
I have a blog reader, which I never use.
I just click on the links in my link blog.
I know it would save me a ton of time to check the reader.
But I guess I don't really know how to use it (any tips?)

Anyway, I only click on certain links because I know many
people in blog land do not update everyday...
and basically that is telling me that you have a life and I do not!
I'm okay with that.
I get comments all the time from people wondering
how I have the time to do all the things I do?
The answer is, it's because I don't do the things I'm supposed to do,
like clean and cook, laundry and finishing my talk for the womens retreat!

Ha! Just kidding. I still do that stuff too.
Just probably not as well as I should.
But anyway back to my non post, post.
I didn't have much to write about and then I started writing.
See what happens when I let my fingers take over.
Seriously though, how do I get things done?
On a typical day, we eat three meals and one snack.
We play outside, swim and/or sandbox
(I just prefer that they don't do both at the same time)
We paint or color with crayons
We do some matching and sorting games
We read lots of books
We watch more TV than we should
(but I'm proud to say that I didn't turn the TV on at all today,
except for music and that doesn't count as TV) (baby steps)
I read lots of blogs and websites and get ideas
(I just need to find a way to catalog those ideas)
We play games and run around the house naked (just the kids)
I edit photos or create things for my business
I sew or paint or just dream about getting things accomplished
We cram a lot into everyday.
And then I wonder why I'm tired.
But the truth is, I am a night owl and I treasure nap time.
Altough it's really sad to me that Naomi has not napped
in a week and a half.
Really? Is that what we're coming too? I'm not looking forward to it.
I need a break from that sweet little talker!!!

Today, I got a little break. I asked a woman from church
to come over and help me out a couple times a month.
She has agreed to two Tuesday mornings a month and I'm exstatic!
I soooo look forward to those Tuesday mornings,
not because my kids are crazy (which they are)
and I want to get away but because I need a little
"me" time and I need to recharge too.

With dear hubby's busy schedule there's not too many opportunities
for me to be able to get out sans kids during daylight hours.
So, I am grateful for the help and so glad that katherine
encouraged me to get said help.
While I was out running errands I went over to
Cycle Logic Bike Shop to take a few photos.
Just for fun! Just for a top secret project! Yay!
I'll be sure to share....way later when the project is over!
And because I know that no blog post is any good without photos here you go:


mlorfeld said...

I use Google Reader (http://reader.google.com) and it works great. As I follow a couple/few dozen blogs and don't want to spend a ton of time clicking to each site, I get it all in one place. Once you set up the google reader you just copy and paste each blog address and it will find the feed for you. I also have it set to a "List" view which shows me the Subject line and the first few words of the post. I typically will start at the top and press the "j" button to move to the next (Google Reader has some nice shortcut keys). If I want to just read new posts from one blog, I'll click on that on the side and catch up with that particular blog. Its worth checking out, and will probably save you quite a bit of time.

Rachel Hill said...

I need to learn Google Reader. And I need to update my blog more often instead of just reading others!

Rachel Hill said...
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Anonymous said...

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