Thursday, September 24, 2009

micah cries

That little boy cracks me up.
He loves to just sit down and empty things...
be it the toy box
or the toy shelf.
Everything gets pulled out,
played with for a second,
and tossed aside for something else.
At least he cleans up after his messes!
(I wish)
He LOVES to push things around.
The vaccum, chairs, the easel, anything that will move.
It's so funny to see what they are draw to, to play with.Our nightly ritual (when daddy's not home)
has turned into books and snuggle time in Naomi's bed.
Micah loves to climb up there and lay
RIGHT NEXT TO or on top of Naomi.
And he has to be covered up just like sissy is.
It's so fun to read them books,
snuggle, say prayers, sing their songs,
and get them ready for a good nights rest.

It is however, not fun listening to Micah cry before he goes to sleep.
He does it every night and every nap time.
We do the same routine everytime.
He cries everytime.
He goes to bed at the same time everynight. (just about)
He cries everynight.
I just don't get it.
Sometimes he cries for a couple of seconds and
other nights (like tonight) he cries for a good hour.
What can I do to get him to just GO TO SLEEP!?
Or at least get to the place of talking to himself before
he falls asleep...but the crying is getting old!

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Kate said...

In the picture of Micah standing up and looking over his shoulder he looks SO much like you, Jamie. I can't believe how much he has grown up since I saw you all in January. WOW!